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Welcome to the JAMvention!

The warmest, most colorful and budget-friendly face-and bodypaint even in Europe since 2008

All participants have the opportunity to attend an array of informative and fun workshops hosted by top artists from around the world. JAMvention’s fabulous hospitality, informal, friendly atmosphere, not to mention the delicious home cooked meals, all for the budget-friendly price of €275,- (bed, food, drinks and workshops inclusive) are what makes it one of the very best face and body painting events around. There are a limited number of spaces available, so if you want to be certain of securing your place, book your ticket as soon as possible!

Facepaint In Progress, or FIP for short, was founded in 2008 to promote professional face and body painting. Organizing and hosting the JAMvention, as well as providing and overseeing the face and body painting at Elfia Arcen and Haarzuilens, all serve to implement this.

We are looking forward to welcoming all of our regular visitors back as well as the increasing number of new attendees, from beginner to advanced professional painters.

A warm welcome awaits you all at the next edition of the JAMvention. THE warmest, most colorful and budget-friendly, face and body paint event in Europe!!!

See you 19, 20 and 21 October 2018

For our 10th anniversairy!

Our instructors for 2018

Fun and informal workshops hosted by awesome artists!

Raphaelle Fieldhouse

Andrea Benocci

Belinda Wurmitzer

Workshop bodypaint

Workshop sculpting SFX *

Workshop flowers / Workshop bellypaint

Gary Fieldhouse

Angela Fransen

Gretchen Fleener

Workshop balloon twisting (advanced and beginners)

Workshop extreme make-up

Workshop Jewerly / Workshop Henna *

Paula Southern

Dani Bekiersch

Jacklyn Suiskens

Workshop caligraphy

Workshop glitter

Workshop Brush techniques

Peter Tronser

Babs Vandervoort

Richard van der Laan

Workshop thermoplastic materials *

Country flowers


Silvie Vissers

Workshop Theatre make-up

Time table

* these workshop require an extra payment ranging between €10 and €15,- for the materials. This will be paid at the JAMvention when you enter the workshop!

This was JAMvention 2017!


Celebrating the 10th edition!

A special edition asks for a special weekend (we even have a spectacular show!).

But we would also like to 'paint' the JAMvention in it's colours.

So please join us by wearing blue and yellow/gold clothes on the party evening (saturday).

Of course, you can wear these colours the whole weekend!

Want to be a part of this? Get your tickets while they're warm!

8-hour stripcard

For our day flies

8 hours of workshops

Buy now!

Complete weekend

Enjoy the JAMvention with everything it has to offer

All workshops
A bed for 2 nights *
Unlimited drinks

4-hour stripcard

If you can't stay

4 hours in the same block
(morning or afternoon)

Buy now!

Buy now!

Once paid in full, tickets cannot be refunded, however; they are transferrable at your own arrangement. But if you transfer, please notify us as the tickets are on your name.

* Please note that you must provide your own sheets, pillow case and sleeping bag. Also be aware that you do not have a private room but share a room with 3-4 other participants!

Contact us!

Jacklyn Suiskens

Any queries regarding teachers


Willy Suiskens

Any queries regarding FIP on Elfia and JAMvention information


Jurriën Suiskens

Event manager and visuals
For everything photo, film or web related and ticket sales


Richard van der Laan

Public Relations
Any queries regarding sponsors


Tessa Luites

Model manager
Any queries regarding models/modelling


Silvie Vissers